Banned Country List

SSL Certificates cannot currently be issued to individuals or business entities for the following country-code-top-level-domains or domains whose websites are owned in those countries.

The following countries have been blacklisted by US Export restriction laws, and thus Trustico® cannot issue SSL Certificates to registrants in the following countries:

AF – Afghanistan

CU – Cuba

ER – Eritrea

GN – Guinea

IQ – Iraq

IR – Iran, Islamic Republic of

KP – Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of

LR – Liberia

North Cyprus (No TLD)

RW – Rwanda

SD – Sudan

SL – Sierra Leone

SS – South Sudan

SY – Syrian Arab Republic

ZW – Zimbabwe

If a CSR with one of the above countries is used during the ordering process, the order will still be placed. However the CSR will need to be updated before validation can begin.

If you have accidentally created a CSR with one of the above country codes, a Trustico® support agent will contact you to update the CSR.

Updated on July 24, 2019

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