PEM to CRT SSL Conversion

The conversion process

Trustico® provides your SSL Certificates in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format for your convenience. When installing SSL Certificates onto platforms like cPanel, you can simply copy and paste your SSL Certificate, Intermediate CA Bundle and Private Key into text-boxes using PEM formatted code.

However, if you are required to install your SSL Certificate as a .CRT or .CER file, PEM format can easily be converted to these file types using any text program like Notepad.

To convert your SSL Certificate into .CRT format, you will first need to access your SSL Certificate. It should look something like this:

An SSL Certificate in PEM text format.

Once you have your PEM format SSL Certificate copy & paste it, including the header and footer, into Notepad and save the file under whatever name suits you. For example: “yourdomainname-ssl.crt”. Please note the “.crt” extension at the end of the file name.

Saving an SSL Certificate in .crt format in Notepad.

You can follow the same process for your intermediate and root Certificates. Just copy & paste them into Notepad under whatever name suits you. For example: “yourdomainnane-intermediates.crt”.

I purchased my SSL Certificate through Trustico®, how do I access it?

You can do this at any time by logging in here using your Trustico® account username and password. Please note that the previous login link is for orders placed through our ‘.com’ website. If you place your orders through ‘’ or ‘’, for example, then you will need to update the url to match that instead of ‘.com’.

If you have forgotten or do not know your username or password, please contact us here so we can assist you further.

Once logged in to your Trustico® account Dashboard, simply locate the completed order you wish to have converted into .CRT format by using the search bar or scrolling down the page.

Once you have found the order, click the “View” button.

Finding the 'view' button for an SSL Certificate order in the Retail Dashboard

Next, click the “SSL Certificate” tab. Here you will see your Certificate Signing Request (CSR), SSL Certificate, and Intermediate CA Bundle, all in PEM formatted code.

Finding the 'SSL Certificate' tab for an SSL Certificate order in the Retail Dashboard

First, click the “Copy Code” button beside the text-box titled “SSL Certificate”. This will copy everything within the text-box for you, including the SSL Certificate header and footer. Then follow the above instructions to save as a .CRT file.

Copying an SSL Certificate code from the SSL Certificate submenu.

You can now follow the same process for the Intermediate CA Bundle in your Dashboard.

If you require a guide to install these files, please refer to the following Updated on September 9, 2019

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