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Reissuing your 24 Month Subscription – Retail

Due to browsers only allowing Certificates with validity periods of 395 days or less, 24 Month SSL Certificates purchased from 19-AUGUST-2020 are issued with 395 days of validity period and need to be reissued instead of renewed.

Before proceeding with renewal, you may be eligible for a free reissue to extend your validity period. If you have purchased a 24 Month product, please check the expiry date on your order.

If the Certificate is expiring before the end of the 24 Month validity period you purchased, then you only need to perform a simple, free reissue of your Certificate. This will add the remaining validity period to your 24 Month product.

Reissuing is so easy! If you meet the above criteria please reissue your SSL Certificate. After reissuing you will need to re-install the new SSL certificate.

Or our friendly support agents are available to assist you via live chat, email: support@trustico.com, or on any of our national phone numbers: https://www.trustico.com /contact/contact-us.php

Updated on May 20, 2021

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